5 Seasons Cooking Show Episode 2

There was a glitch in the first HD version of this video. I have replaced it for the nonce with a lower resolution video file, and will try to get an HD version back up soon.

Hello Everybody! Here, at last, is the second pilot episode of the 5 Seasons Cooking Show, with chef Lisa Silverman. We are producing it in Portland , Maine, with Community Television Network.

The first episode, and shoot, took place during the winter, (one of the longest, coldest, in recent memory), and the segues and Poached Pear dessert were shot in the early spring. You, dear viewer, will surely note a major wardrobe change. That reflects Lisa becoming more comfortable in here role as TV chef! Congratulations for not floating off the planet Lisa!

If you like the material, please let us know (OK, even if ya don’t). We welcome your comments. Just don’t be peevish. Or peckish (though we can fix that).

If you would like to see more, as Lisa says in the video, LET US KNOW. Here, Facebook (the Healing Kitchen), or at the CTN website www.ctn5.org.

We will be re-grouping over the (short) Maine summer, and hope to get back to it in the fall. We really need your support as we try to take this project to the next level. Join us!

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