Stuffed Delicata Squash

Here is an accompaniment piece for the Kicharee Cleanse. Join Lisa Silverman as she demonstrates a recipe for beans and delicata squash at the 5 Seasons Cooking School kitchen, high atop beautiful Munjoy Hill in Portland, Maine.

This is a simple piece that was shot with one camera, ambient light and sound (shot along with the Kicharee Cleanse). Lisa gives us a celebration of the harvest season, the color yellow, and a prescription for instilling love into your cooking (and every other part of your life, to be sure). The recipe is about stuffing a savory bean concoction into the sweetest of squash boats. Enjoy!

OK, ok, this is not October. I am a proponent of buying locally, and eating in season (even if it means old turnips…gaaakk), but I did not want to wait until the fall, oh, sorry, late summer (the fifth season). Such is the process of video production (at least for me). Still, enjoy! And prepare to celebrate spring, because, if you can celebrate, you must celebrate!


Kicharee Cleanse

After a long hiatus, we are finally getting some more, new materials up on this site and on our Facebook page, the Healing Kitchen.

This is a companion piece to a Delicata Squash episode that will be airing shortly, and wherein Lisa Silverman, of the 5 Seasons Cooking School, prepares the squash with some beans. Delish, and coming soon.

You can also TUNE IN on the Community Television Network’s website,, and on-air on cable channel 5 in the Portland/Cumberland County, Maine area. Community Television Network: local TV.

This is a one-camera, partly hand-held, pretty much ambient sound and light, kind of video. It’s a fun topic, and clearly, some fun was had during the preparations for the kicharee. Hope you like it.

Our opening musical theme, “Sri Ram”, by Brenda McMorrow, from the album “Igniting the Beauty”, White Swan Records, available at:…


5 Seasons Cooking Show Episode 2

There was a glitch in the first HD version of this video. I have replaced it for the nonce with a lower resolution video file, and will try to get an HD version back up soon.

Hello Everybody! Here, at last, is the second pilot episode of the 5 Seasons Cooking Show, with chef Lisa Silverman. We are producing it in Portland , Maine, with Community Television Network.

The first episode, and shoot, took place during the winter, (one of the longest, coldest, in recent memory), and the segues and Poached Pear dessert were shot in the early spring. You, dear viewer, will surely note a major wardrobe change. That reflects Lisa becoming more comfortable in here role as TV chef! Congratulations for not floating off the planet Lisa!

If you like the material, please let us know (OK, even if ya don’t). We welcome your comments. Just don’t be peevish. Or peckish (though we can fix that).

If you would like to see more, as Lisa says in the video, LET US KNOW. Here, Facebook (the Healing Kitchen), or at the CTN website

We will be re-grouping over the (short) Maine summer, and hope to get back to it in the fall. We really need your support as we try to take this project to the next level. Join us!

5 Seasons Episode 2 Teaser

Almost finished editing episode two of the 5 Seasons Cooking show. Here’s a peek at what Lisa Silverman will be covering in the second of our two pilot shows; wakame cucumber salad, KALE!, and poached pears with pecan cream. The full episode wraps up the complete dinner menu that Lisa started with in Episode 1. Enjoy!

Episode 1 is on-the-air!

OK! SO! The first episode of the 5 Seasons Cooking Show is now available for viewing on the Community Television Network website, 5 Seasons Cooking Show  or, go to and search for 5 Seasons.

We hope that you enjoy this first of two pilot episodes. Please let us know what you think!

Lisa Silverman in her kitchen

Lisa gives it up to the Universe


Again, thanks to Brenda McMorrow and White Swan Music for allowing us to use Brenda’s song, Sri Ram, for the video.