Episode 1 is on-the-air!

OK! SO! The first episode of the 5 Seasons Cooking Show is now available for viewing on the Community Television Network website, 5 Seasons Cooking Show  or, go to www.ctn5.org and search for 5 Seasons.

We hope that you enjoy this first of two pilot episodes. Please let us know what you think!

Lisa Silverman in her kitchen

Lisa gives it up to the Universe


Again, thanks to Brenda McMorrow and White Swan Music for allowing us to use Brenda’s song, Sri Ram, for the video.

5 Seasons April Trailer/ teaser

OK, so I have been deep, deep in the world of post production, especially editing, and learning a new software in the process. It has been ages since I posted here, and I hope that some of you are still around….

We shot some additional footage for the show about a month ago, because we had more than enough footage for one episode (the first of two pilot episodes), but not enough for two. We had to make a couple of connections between what are now the first and second parts so that there is some continuity, at least, but the content is largely the same: the preparation of an entire Macrobiotic meal all the way to Poached Pear dessert! As it is, the first episode is all but done, and the second is not far behind; much of the content is all in place, a format and “look” has been established, and the opening and closing segments are pretty much done. It will still take some serious assembling, but it will not be far behind.

We were extremely fortunate to get some music from Brenda McMorrow, a very happy and upbeat song, Sri Ram, (published by White Swan Music, and used by permission). It really makes the clip sing! Thank you so much Brenda!

Lisa has been fabulous, fine tuning her message, and the delivery. She rocks the table! Tutti a tavola!

We are planning a launch party at Community Television Network in a few weeks, so look for our announcements for that! We’re hoping to have some fun, honor the process and the folks who have made it possible, and make some new friends.

Please stay tuned! In!

12 Ways to Cook a Carrot

Carol Steingart has been an enthusiastic and generous supporter of The Five Seasons Video Project since she got wind of it last fall and donated to the cause. I would say donated sight-unseen, but really she donated out of her respect and appreciation for Lisa Silverman, the support of friends she had made through the Five Seasons Cooking School, and in memory of the journey that she and her late husband Neal took together with Lisa and the others.

Once again, I am humbled by the compelling stories that folks are willing to share about their experiences, some of which are powerful stories about healing and the journey through, or with, a sometimes terminal disease.

Other stories are simple connections through food, and the pleasure and vitality that the food brings. To do these stories justice, I wish I were more eloquent, but the simple truths that people like Carol are willing to share are the real story. Thank you Carol, and others whose stories continue to unfold.