Stuffed Delicata Squash

Here is an accompaniment piece for the Kicharee Cleanse. Join Lisa Silverman as she demonstrates a recipe for beans and delicata squash at the 5 Seasons Cooking School kitchen, high atop beautiful Munjoy Hill in Portland, Maine.

This is a simple piece that was shot with one camera, ambient light and sound (shot along with the Kicharee Cleanse). Lisa gives us a celebration of the harvest season, the color yellow, and a prescription for instilling love into your cooking (and every other part of your life, to be sure). The recipe is about stuffing a savory bean concoction into the sweetest of squash boats. Enjoy!

OK, ok, this is not October. I am a proponent of buying locally, and eating in season (even if it means old turnips…gaaakk), but I did not want to wait until the fall, oh, sorry, late summer (the fifth season). Such is the process of video production (at least for me). Still, enjoy! And prepare to celebrate spring, because, if you can celebrate, you must celebrate!

Episode 1 is on-the-air!

OK! SO! The first episode of the 5 Seasons Cooking Show is now available for viewing on the Community Television Network website, 5 Seasons Cooking Show  or, go to and search for 5 Seasons.

We hope that you enjoy this first of two pilot episodes. Please let us know what you think!

Lisa Silverman in her kitchen

Lisa gives it up to the Universe


Again, thanks to Brenda McMorrow and White Swan Music for allowing us to use Brenda’s song, Sri Ram, for the video.

5 Seasons April Trailer/ teaser

OK, so I have been deep, deep in the world of post production, especially editing, and learning a new software in the process. It has been ages since I posted here, and I hope that some of you are still around….

We shot some additional footage for the show about a month ago, because we had more than enough footage for one episode (the first of two pilot episodes), but not enough for two. We had to make a couple of connections between what are now the first and second parts so that there is some continuity, at least, but the content is largely the same: the preparation of an entire Macrobiotic meal all the way to Poached Pear dessert! As it is, the first episode is all but done, and the second is not far behind; much of the content is all in place, a format and “look” has been established, and the opening and closing segments are pretty much done. It will still take some serious assembling, but it will not be far behind.

We were extremely fortunate to get some music from Brenda McMorrow, a very happy and upbeat song, Sri Ram, (published by White Swan Music, and used by permission). It really makes the clip sing! Thank you so much Brenda!

Lisa has been fabulous, fine tuning her message, and the delivery. She rocks the table! Tutti a tavola!

We are planning a launch party at Community Television Network in a few weeks, so look for our announcements for that! We’re hoping to have some fun, honor the process and the folks who have made it possible, and make some new friends.

Please stay tuned! In!

12 Ways to Cook a Carrot

Carol Steingart has been an enthusiastic and generous supporter of The Five Seasons Video Project since she got wind of it last fall and donated to the cause. I would say donated sight-unseen, but really she donated out of her respect and appreciation for Lisa Silverman, the support of friends she had made through the Five Seasons Cooking School, and in memory of the journey that she and her late husband Neal took together with Lisa and the others.

Once again, I am humbled by the compelling stories that folks are willing to share about their experiences, some of which are powerful stories about healing and the journey through, or with, a sometimes terminal disease.

Other stories are simple connections through food, and the pleasure and vitality that the food brings. To do these stories justice, I wish I were more eloquent, but the simple truths that people like Carol are willing to share are the real story. Thank you Carol, and others whose stories continue to unfold.


Last summer, when I first approached Lisa with the idea that has evolved into The Healing Kitchen, I went to visit her with a videographer colleague. It was ostensibly a screen test, to check out her camera presence, the ambience of her cooking space, and explore some topics to preview how Lisa might deliver her broad knowledge about food and macrobiotics, health and happiness. My friend Bill did not point the camera at first, but just turned it on and we talked, or, Lisa talked, about some of the things she has learned over the years. The visual upshot of not pointing the camera is, yep, you guessed it, Not Good visual content. The verbal or audio content however, is worth listening to. And so, I submit, for your approval, a short commentary about satisfaction.

Susan and Bob’s Story

via The Healing Kitchen.

This is a privilege to be part of the Blog for the Healing Kitchen. My name is Susan Gross. My husband Bob and I are part of the initial investment to get the TV show off the ground. I want to let you know that our monetary pledge to the project has been matched. We have the funds for the two pilot shows. I want to thank all of you who have been part of that effort. We can move forward!

Macrobiotics and the macrobiotic community have really helped us. We would like others to be helped as well so we would like to share a little bit about our experience with macrobiotics.

generous and appreciative supporters of the Healing Kitchen

Susan and Bob Gross

Our best story is Bob’s story. About four years ago, the condition of his health was representative of an American male in his fifties. He had been on medication to control his blood pressure, cholesterol, and reflux. He was overweight. In addition to these typical conditions, he had also developed recurring cancerous bladder polyps. We started on a Whole Food Plant Based diet. You may have seen the video Forks Over Knives. If you haven’t, you definitely should!

This did wonders for weight loss bringing Bob’s weight easily down from 240 to 190 pounds over a few month period. He looked and felt great. We found, though, over time, that he still needed medicine to control the cholesterol, blood pressure and reflux conditions. We seemed to return to a few daily habits such multiple cups of coffee each day (with cream and sugar) and giving into sweet cravings.

About a year ago, the polyps were recurring more frequently. This got us looking for alternatives. We followed the path that Meg Wolff laid out for her readers in her book Becoming Whole about her recovery from breast cancer through macrobiotics. This was after she had already lost her leg to bone cancer eight years earlier.

Lisa Silverman was the first person we met on our macrobiotic journey. We started going to class at her Five Seasons Cooking School. Of course, she taught us how to make grains and miso soup. But what she really did for us was open us up to healing. She brought us into a healing community, a healing mind, and mostly, a healing heart.

Next, again as Meg had done in her book, we had a consultation with Warren Kramer, a macrobiotics counselor. We decided we wanted to know from the expert what was best for Bob and his condition. That proved to be a very worthwhile investment. After two months of practicing macrobiotics according to Warren’s recommendations, Bob’s weight dropped to 165, his doctor took him off all medications, and he feels great. His body is balanced enough that he has broken the coffee and sugar habit. He is still monitoring the bladder health.

To summarize Bob’s story, he took medication for 20 years to curb disease that was forming in his body. At the end of the twenty years, he was no better off than he was when he started the medicine. In fact, he was worse, because the body has had to deal with the medicines for all those years. What are some of the effects of that?? And how much money was spent on prescription drugs and the blood tests required and the follow-up appointments. After two months following a macrobiotic diet, he experienced healing. Two months.

We are grateful for our journey into and in macrobiotics. Warren told us that people who do well with macrobiotics have community support. For us, Lisa is the beginning and the hub of this community. What a great idea to bring her into people’s homes on community television.

Just to be clear, it is our privilege to share in your story, Susan and Bob. You have been instrumental in getting this project rolling. I have been humbled again and again by your commitment and your support. This is gonna be GREAT! Thank you, A.

What’s for Lunch?

I’m adding another short piece from the screen test that I made with Lisa Silverman back in the summer, in anticipation of the questions, decisions, changes, alterations, and adaptations we might consider when actually taping a segment of our proposed new series on macrobiotic cooking that we’re calling “The Healing Kitchen”.

This little piece is entirely impromptu, without staging or manipulating any of the factors we might consider for a real taping. Sometimes the camera is not even really pointed, just held, so that we might guage Lisa’s comfort in front of the lens. There is some awkwardness, and occasionally she hesitates to think about what she’s saying, and where to take it next, but at its core, I find it very entertaining to smile and laugh along with her. She puts me at ease, especially around the topic at hand, how to cook, and the healthful benefits of the food. Of course, the magic of video editing will be in play for a real episode, but the unvarnished version here has an honest, natural charm.

I am always freaked out by my images of myself, either still or move-ies. Even the recorded sound of my own voice is unsettling. It is a good lesson in understanding the self, and realizing that my sense of self is not really much like what others experience, at least in that physical, visceral way.

What is clearly “real” outside of this notion of self is the knowledge, humor, emotion, sincerity, compassion, and curiosity that Lisa can convey to her listeners, her students. This little screen test convinced me I was on the right track, and that Lisa could pull it off with style, humor, knowledge, and grace.

Won’t you please help us get the ball rolling and consider a donation to the cause? If you use PayPal, we’ve added a link to get you to our Donate page, or if you would prefer to make a donation by mail or by phone with a check or Credit Card, please follow the instructions below. Thank you.

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