Episode 1 is on-the-air!

OK! SO! The first episode of the 5 Seasons Cooking Show is now available for viewing on the Community Television Network website, 5 Seasons Cooking Show  or, go to www.ctn5.org and search for 5 Seasons.

We hope that you enjoy this first of two pilot episodes. Please let us know what you think!

Lisa Silverman in her kitchen

Lisa gives it up to the Universe


Again, thanks to Brenda McMorrow and White Swan Music for allowing us to use Brenda’s song, Sri Ram, for the video.

What’s for Lunch?

I’m adding another short piece from the screen test that I made with Lisa Silverman back in the summer, in anticipation of the questions, decisions, changes, alterations, and adaptations we might consider when actually taping a segment of our proposed new series on macrobiotic cooking that we’re calling “The Healing Kitchen”.

This little piece is entirely impromptu, without staging or manipulating any of the factors we might consider for a real taping. Sometimes the camera is not even really pointed, just held, so that we might guage Lisa’s comfort in front of the lens. There is some awkwardness, and occasionally she hesitates to think about what she’s saying, and where to take it next, but at its core, I find it very entertaining to smile and laugh along with her. She puts me at ease, especially around the topic at hand, how to cook, and the healthful benefits of the food. Of course, the magic of video editing will be in play for a real episode, but the unvarnished version here has an honest, natural charm.

I am always freaked out by my images of myself, either still or move-ies. Even the recorded sound of my own voice is unsettling. It is a good lesson in understanding the self, and realizing that my sense of self is not really much like what others experience, at least in that physical, visceral way.

What is clearly “real” outside of this notion of self is the knowledge, humor, emotion, sincerity, compassion, and curiosity that Lisa can convey to her listeners, her students. This little screen test convinced me I was on the right track, and that Lisa could pull it off with style, humor, knowledge, and grace.

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